Messenger Marketing

Why Smart Businesses are Adopting Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

High OR and CTR

Achieve 80% open rate and up to 56% of Click-through rate

Message Sequences

Deliver your messages at the correct time through pre-set sequences

Sales Funnel

Get down to your sales funnel and increase your sales

Fast Response

Acquire Your Potential audience and respond to them instantly

First Come First Win

Adopt this channel to reach your audience before your competitors do

Quality Leads

Get qualified leads and sales with maximum ROI in a short period

How Messenger Marketing Works?

Facebook now allow Business to connect with their customers and can also advertise through messenger. BottlChat, a messenger marketing agency provides practical techniques & strategies that will help you to maximise your ROI through our 3C method


Over 5.9 Billion users are on Messenger. Businesses are using these Messenger platform to be in touch with their audience. Hence it is the #1 of leading business to engage with active users.
Messenger Chatbot works on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. and it will help your business to reach your potential customer instantly. So, this is the next way of communication between the business and customer, and it also can

  • Send automated messages to their subscribers that can help to connect, segment, and give the personalised user experience
  • Allows people to communicate with the audience in a minute through messenger
  • Place Ads on Messenger to gain more subscribers and leads
  • Send updates, reminders, and broadcasts your content through messenger
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53% of peoples are likely to shop with a business that can message directly. Messenger Chatbot can help you to handle the conversation 24/7 with real-time users.
Chatbots can actively engage with your audience and converse them to attain the higher AOV. Messenger Chatbots can reply to their everyday questions and can interact with multiple users at a time

  • Messenger chatbot can guide your visitors the correct product or services they are looking for
  • Chatbots will always be there when you don’t have any human in there to interact with your visitors
  • Along with texts, can show images and videos that describe your business which attract more customers
  • Engage with your customers and serve them based on their needs to learn more about your customers


The information from prospective clients enters into your sales funnel. It will help you to you’re your process down to the funnel.
This information can be used by the sales team to follow up and gives you a chance to move them through the buying process faster.

  • Chatbots can handle sales through Messenger platform by automated product sales flow
  • Our Messenger Chatbot Experts helps your business by building a cost-effective and efficient dialog flow to convert your audience and visitors
  • Integrating shopping carts and services offered on the messenger platform will help you to sky-rocket your sales & business
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Messenger Marketing consulting

We Help You To Grow Your Business Through Innovation And Achieve Proven Results

By 2021, nearly 90% of the online conversation will be handled by a machine. We will create Chatbot as per your business and customer needs.

Messenger Marketing Sevice

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Businesses send a message on Facebook?

Yes, a business can send/receive a message from their audience if they have a Facebook Business Page opted-in to get the messages.

Why is Messenger Marketing a big deal?

An exciting count of 1.6 billion peoples are using, and 20 billion messages are exchanging between business and their audience. Since Facebook announced the opportunity to market on their messenger platform, Digital marketers are using this opportunity to promote their products and reach their audience.

What Is Messenger Chatbot?

Messenger Chatbots are computer program used to interact with your audience on Facebook’s messenger platform. Messenger Chatbots can execute tasks, interact with your visitors, perform sales in an automated manner.

How do I market on Facebook Messenger?

By Messenger Marketing, you can place Ads on messenger. Along with that, you can broadcast content, reminder, updates to your audience also you can automate sales performance, serve with customer queries, drive traffic to your website.

How to Increase sales using Messenger Marketing?

With messenger marketing, you can increase sales by allowing chatbots to handle the transactions in a programmed way. Messenger marketing will enable users to perform sales on the same platform, instead of jumping into many applications.

Can Businesses send a message on Facebook?

Yes, a business can send/receive a message from their audience if they have a Facebook Business Page opted-in to get the messages.

Why should a business use Facebook's Messenger for Marketing?

80% of peoples like the shop with brands who have live chat option over texts instead of Phone or Email. You, as a business, have to use this opportunity to reach your audience where they are and what they like to do.

Can I provide customer service on Messenger?

Yes, you can embed your messenger chatbot on your website or application to perform a live chat with your audience. A Properly programmed customer chatbot can help with your customer to solve their queries on many aspects without human intervention.

Why BottlChat for Messenger Marketing Services?

BottlChat – An Exclusive Messenger Marketing Agency certified from ManyChat and Mobile Monkey, will help your business to skyrocket your sales, reach your potential audience, better customer service among much lousy business. Stay ahead of the curve and bring your business to the next level with BottlChat.

How can I get started?

You can “Get Started” with our KITTY BOT to know more about services and messenger chatbots, click the messenger popup on the right-bottom of the website to talk to our kitty bot. Or else, you can contact us anytime and connect with our experts to learn more about how this opportunity helps your business to leverage your metrics.

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