Messenger Marketing vs Email Marketing – Things to know in 2020

Messenger Marketing vs Email Marketing

From the title, you should have guessed that email marketing is a competitive platform to messenger marketing.

Actually, it is NOT, email marketing is used to deliver your product or service to subscribers’ mailboxes while messenger marketing is used to deliver your products or services to subscribers’ inboxes (messenger).

Yes, Messenger Marketing is new to the marketing scene and it helps businesses, bloggers and many other peoples to reach their audience in a new and interactive way.

Did you ever hear about the concept called FMA – First Mover’s Advantage?

Marketing is evolving each and every day and the way to approach the audience is getting harder nowadays. Getting organic visitors, selling the product requires a lot of effort.

The search engine’s algorithm changes, social media organic reach, and traffic decreases, a lot of crowd on every known marketing channels makes the promotion really hard.

That is the reason why marketers are looking for a new platform and way of approach to reach their audience. To promote their products or services, to increase sales, etc.

So, if you are there in the new platform, it is easier to gain first-mover advantage and it will help you to drive more of your audiences’ attention that your competitors.

Email Marketing vs Messenger Marketing

Well, email is the oldest way of communication and the source said that email users will grow about 4.3 billion in 2022 and that’s half of the world population now in 2019.

Email marketing helps you to give nurtured leads and it was easy to reach potential customers in a cost-effective way with an expected ROI of 32$ for every 1$ you spend on marketing.

It was the KING of ROI among many channels. Now, it’s magic spell becomes less effective to get even 35-40% ROI hardly. Because of the crowd in this channel and most people don’t bother promotion messages nowadays.

How can a messenger be used to reach your potential customers?

In the last three years, the users in Facebook messenger grow from 200 million to 1.3 billion and it gives you a new path to market your product or service to get more business.

In average, chatbots have Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 15-60% very easily and surpasses the email marketing which tries a lot to get 4% of CTR.

On e-commerce, messenger marketing helps to attain more response rates and recovered revenue which is very difficult to achieve through email marketing.

What does Facebook Messenger Chatbot do?

The bots we are talking about are not industrial bots or mechanical bots.

Bot refers to the term “robot” and you already know that it can do a lot of impressive things. SEO depends on a bot and it has a variety of usage now. They are,

  • Spider bots,
  • Service bots,
  • Data bots,
  • Copyright bots,
  • Sales bots
  • Informational bots

Bots are used for good and bad purposes, which helps in generating sales and many customer services but there are some bad bots that crawl through many websites to steal data and spammy things.

The sales bots in the above list are the Facebook messenger bots here.

They can help you with the customer services, acquiring lead when we are not there physically, even performing sales. It helps you save lots of time and human resources.

In general, there are two kinds of chatbots used in businesses: informational bots and service bots.
Information bots are useful to deliver the content to the users through messenger, either it is a post or promotional offers. If a visitor subscribed to your blog post, you can send the alerts through messenger.

Service bots help users throughout the customer’s journey and if they need any solution to a problem. These bots help customers who are looking for a product to buy online, book tickets, reserve seats, ordering a cab. They can also manage your schedules and remind you of the unpaid subscriptions and bills through accessing your calendar.

The Uses are limitless, and it depends on the business you are into.

Abandoned Cart Emails vs Abandoned Cart Messenger


Why Facebook Messenger Marketing is a big deal?

Messaging apps are the big thing and once Facebook allows brands to send messages to their customers, everyone knows that it will be a big deal.

Message open rates in email marketing are quite high and sometimes it can’t perform well. Messenger Marketing gives better Open Rates because the interaction takes place where the users are already spending their time in messaging apps.

Since the messages are delivered in short, instant and interactable (don’t have to wait for the reply like emails do) can make the customers directly move into the bottom phase on the sales funnel.

You could not able to do any action with the messenger chatbot until the subscriber or customer gives permission to start the conversation. Chatbots are spam-free.

Yes, email is more efficient for nurturing leads, but the live chat with chatbots excels at capturing leads. People prefer to live chat rather than other customer support because, the questions are getting answered faster, enjoying the usability of interactive conversations, multi-tasking ability, the efficiency of communication.

On e-commerce, abandoned carts are very difficult to convert. A study says that 78.65% of carts were abandoned in 2017. Those abandoned carts are recovered with email by 4% and an average 11% by messenger marketing.

After making people purchase your product, you can send the shipping update though messenger. It helps them to track their order and also can notify about delay, delivery confirmation automatically.

Let’s see some facts that will make you plan your marketing strategies in messenger.

Facts on Messenger Marketing

Chatbots can do anything you built them to do.

Here we had listed some facts because we know that messenger marketing in the next big thing in online marketing. Also, you will definitely make a strategy on Facebook chatbot marketing for your business. They are,

  • Messenger active users grow to 1.3 billion peoples and I’m sure your ideal customer will be there using messenger.
  • It will give you a new solution for “email fatigue” because people don’t feel secure and comfortable to provide their email for downloading materials. So, messenger marketing will help to reach that kind of audience.
  • Peoples more likely to shop with brands who can directly message the and most people love to message rather than calling customer service.

Facebook Messenger Stats

  • Preparing a list of subscribers or audience takes a lot of works for a marketer, but creating Facebook messenger leads is easy because it is a one-click subscription and you don’t have to enter your email, confirm mail, etc.
  • You can know the details of your subscribers to target as they are on Facebook and retargeting is easy in messenger marketing since he leads are already on Facebook.
  • When you approach the lead within 60 seconds from generated time, the chance of converting that lead increases 500%. It is possible in messenger chatbots as they are programmed to capture the leads and also can provide the basic information.

lead followup system

  • Live chats bring huge customer satisfaction of 73%. Since the peoples got excited when they got customer support through messenger and it also helps them to multi-tasking.

LiveChat Satisfaction

  • There are a lot more opportunities and possibilities to generate leads on Facebook. The question is are you ready for the new era of marketing?


So which one is better and which channel is useful for your business? Email Marketing or Messenger Marketing?

No marketing strategy is perfect, tactics become better when it is used in conjunction.

Remember the omnichannel approach and the fruit it bears after some efforts. To make your strategy “THE BEST”, specify your goals, revise the efforts and rework on every possible way to make it more efficient.

Email and Chatbots can’t be enemies.  The email will help you in the brand presence and dominate drip campaigns and sales while chatbots and messenger marketing can help you generate more leads like nobody’s business.

Combine them to get wins in your funnel and enjoy the fruit that both can give you.