Chatbot Marketing

Chatbots are becoming a new buzz in the business world nowadays. Yes, even business from startups to big enterprises trying to give the best service and product, so that they gain a loyal audience. Starting with product marketing, customer service, automated sales, brand promotion chatbots will help the business in multiple sectors.

What are Chatbots and AI Chatbots?

Chatbots are programmed to simulate conversations, ask questions, solving queries, gather feedback, segment users, schedule appointments, make reservations, purchase items, track order status, provide feedback, provide 24/7 customer service, offer downloadable resources, drive traffic to landing pages, and — if a customer so desires — get in touch with a real human being.

Chatbots can be placed over the websites as well as Messenger Apps to communicate with the customers.

There are two categories of Chatbots:

  • Command Based Chatbots
  • AI-based Chatbots

Command based chatbots rely on a databank of replies and heuristics. The bots reply by selecting an answer that matches the context of a query.

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AI-based or Machine Learning Chatbots can answer ambiguous questions. The chatbots create replies from scratch using natural language processing. These chatbots become smarter with time, learning from past questions and answers.

Features of Messenger Chatbots

User Attraction

With fun content and useful information, attracting users will be made easy by chatbots in an automated manner. Product Guides, How-to step procedures, enterntaining & useful facts can also make the customer more engaging with your business. It will also increase the business metrics on customer satisfaction, long-term relationship, and brand value.

Appropriate Messages

Promoting content can also be automated using chatbots to a relevant audience. Segmenting audience based on custom attributes will help the business to customise their promotion strategy and to deliver the consistent content and offers to their audience.

Customer Support

Chatbots will answer customer questions faster rather than producing tickets. By this business will gain the trust form their audience. Customer will get their queries to get answered, and business gets their customer valued in a short time. So it is a two side gift for both of them.

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Why Chatbots?

  • Chatbots handles multiple conversations at a time, which will reduce human efforts and save cost. By using chatbots, a business can control customer queries 24*7 — no need a person always to be there to solve customer queries.
  • Chatbots can assist customers in getting the right product or service and guide them with suitable action. Chatbots which embedded on your website or in particular landing page or from your Facebook page can start the conversation and can drive your visitors' relevant product and service to complete the purchase.
  • Millennials prefer live chat over phone calls. Chatbots provide the required information and guidance instantly, which helps the visitors clear all the doubts and even questions on using your product & services. It helps the business to increase sales and revenue.
  • Investing in the latest technology will be a prudent investment which will also give an edge over other competitors. For online communication channels and campaign, chatbots can be useful in marketing the products and services in an automated manner.

Benefits of Chatbots?

Chatbots can deliver the two essential requirements for any online business today – quality products and market presence.

Chatbot helps to engage with customers in the purposeful business to business conversations. The chatbot will help to understand the customer requirement and will help you in developing better products for your clients.

Furthermore, you will be able to offer a quicker and more accurate support service to customers, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Lastly and most importantly, as an early adopter, you will benefit more from the future advances in chatbot technology.

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How Chatbots helps your business to grow?

The chatbot provides infinite ways to reach out to your audiences, in turn driving more leads and sales.

Grow Leads
  • Low Investment with Higher Returns
  • Easy to Build
  • Improve User Experience
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Quick Response Time
  • Available 24/7 for any query
  • Acquire Quality Leads
  • Brand Reputation
  • Reduce human efforts

How BottlChat helps to implement Chatbots in your business?

BottlChat builds chatbots on the company website or mobiles messaging app to generate leads and helps in converting the visitors into potential customers.

We will build a dashboard wherein you can track the entire customer journey of people who come to your site and the products or services that they are looking for.

Our expert team will work along with your business strategies and helps in every way to make sure your business achieve the goals.

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