Messenger Marketing

What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger Marketing is an act of leveraging mobile and chat platforms to facilitate real-time conversations with customers.

Messenger Marketing is the fastest and convenient way to reach out to customers by using a messaging app.

Based on geography and context the app may vary, but apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber,  Skype, Telegram, etc. are all possible channels for businesses to engage with your customers.

  • Big 4 Social Networking Apps
  • Big 4 Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps have Surpassed Social Network Apps

Source: BI Intelligence

Why Messenger Marketing?

Since long time Messenger Marketing is growing and evolving, as the world is now moving from emails, SMS and phone calls to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc to keep in touch with friends, family and businesses.

Messenger Marketing is essential for the companies to join the trend and communicate with their customers through the channels that consumers are accustomed to.

Today people use mobile-friendly messenger apps to communicate than email, phone calls or messages, hence the popularity of these messenger apps has crossed all limits.

With the rise in mobile devices, the usage of these messenger apps has grown tremendously, even surpassing social media.

Benefits of Messenger Marketing?

Messenger Marketing enables Higher Open Rates, Read Rates and CTR’s (Click Through Rates).

You can send messages and ads to the audience instantly without too much investment.

Messenger apps enable marketers to meet consumers on their own terms.

WhatApp 1600millions
Facebook Messenger 1300millions
WeChat 1098millions
QQ Mobile 807millions
Skype 300millions
SnapChat 287millions
Viber 260millions
Telegram 200millions

Messenger Monthly Active Users

Source: statista (April 2019)

Grow Business

How Messenger Marketing helps your business to grow?

It provides infinite ways to reach out to your audiences, in turn driving more leads and sales.

  • Market your products and Services in a better way.
  • Connect with the customers on one to one basis
  • Build long term relationship
  • Get assured quality leads
  • Do quick and convenient Marketing

How BottlChat helps to implement Messenger Marketing in your business?

Our team of experts will work for you every single month to build the program as per your business and audience which will help accelerate the results.

We work for you in designing, creating content and implementing the strategies to ensure that you save your precious time and efforts for running your business.